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Lifting Diverse Voices

Arts and Athletics Club is excited to produce Cherry, as part of our Lifting Diverse Voices theater production. The goal of our Lifting Diverse Voices program is to share stories that feature a diverse actor base in prominent roles to encourage all people to express themselves in the arts. 

Cherry tells the story of a teenage boy, Mikey, who is having difficulty adjusting to his new school. He deals with bullies and enemies. To escape, he heads to the park where he sits by a Cherry Blossom. To Mikey's surprise, this tree is a transport to a mystical world where Mikey has the chance to be the hero. He is called upon to help his new friends in an epic battle, but does he have what it takes to lead them to victory? And with time limited in this new world, is he making the most of it? Come find out in the World Premiere of Cherry, a Modern Day Fairy Tale. 


As part of our Lifting Diverse Voices Program, our goal is to cast Asian community members in our major roles in this production. This includes but is not limited to: Mikey, Queen Cherry, Sly, and Mother. At Arts and Athletics Club we encourage all community members to get involved so there are parts for everyone who wants to get involved.

Rehearsals will begin in June.  


This show has a few musical numbers that fit alongside the story but is mostly a straight play. 

Open Roles

  • Mikey - (M age 14-18) the hero of the story when he enters a new land. (Lead)

  • Queen Cherry - (F 25-45) The ruler of the land of Cherry. Kind but strong. (Major Supporting)

  • Mother (F 25-45) Mikey's mom who wants what is best for him. (Major supporting.

  • Nina (F 14-18) Mikey's right hand helper. Also tough and smart. (Supporting)

  • Sly (M 14-18) Mikey's rival who falls down a dark parth. (Supporting)

  • Cherry Leaders (Any) Leaders who teach Mikey, Sly, and Nina how to be strong fighters

  • Ensemble - legend characters, partygoers, enemies, etc



  • Rehearsals are primarily one night a week from 6-8PM with a few exceptions.

  • There will be 2 performances in late August/Early September. Production will either be Fri/Sat evening or One Evening/One Afternoon depending on schedules

  • Rehearsals will take place at the Exton Mall.

  • View the entire schedule here (TBD)

  • We understand you will have conflicts with the schedule dates. Let us know your conflicts and we can work around them! 

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