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Arts and Athletics Club is excited to produce Star, a two act production that blends musical, nonmusical, and film into a dynamic performance for the audience. 

Star tells the story of Max, a teenager who is tired of hearing his parents fight. He records a song pleading them to stop fighting and quickly becomes an overnight sensation. When Max sees this new attention bring his parents together, he decides to pursue his new talent. Unfortunately, the complications of Max's new life starts to make his family dynamic worse. But is there any going back at this point?

We are an inclusive community that encourages all to be a part of the theatrical process. No experience is necessary and no auditions will be held. Our major goal is to have fun. There is also no cost to be in the production. Actors are volunteers. We encourage community over competition. So come laugh with us, story tell with us, and get creative.  


Interested in getting involved? Let us know here!!


Can I be involved if I can't make all the rehearsals? Of course! We can work with you to find the best way to get involved.

Are there auditions? No, we work to find the best part for you.

Is there a registration fee? No, it is free to participate in?

Where can I ask additional questions? Send us an email at

Open Roles

  • Max - (M age 14-18) a general low key kid who's life explodes when his song goes viral. (Lead)

  • Maise - (F 25-45) Max's mom. Always wanted to be a star. (Major Supporting)

  • Tommy (M 25-45) Max's dad. Is learning how to be a good dad. (Major supporting.

  • Sylvia (F 40+) Max's new agent. Big personality. (Major supporting)

  • Anna (F 14-18) A teen influencer who posts music (Supporting)

  • SickRichKid (M 10-13) An extreme influencer who is sick. (Supporting)

  • KriticalKyle (M 14-18) A mean influencer who tears down others. (Supporting)

  • Ensemble

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  • Rehearsals are primarily on Wednesdays and or Thursdays from 6-8PM with a few exceptions.

  • There will be 2 performances in July

  • View the entire schedule here 

  • We understand you will have conflicts with the schedule dates. Let us know your conflicts and we can work around them! 

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