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Board of Directors


Name: Chris Hutelmyer

Role: President/Executive Director

Bio: Chris is a playwright, musician, youth developer, and community advocate. Chris began his professional career at the Brandywine YMCA, where he developed and implemented youth programs. Chris then began working at University Student Housing, on West Chester University's campus, where he was a property manager for University Hall as well as oversaw Summer Housing Programs. Chris has been involved with both Arts and Athletics since he was a kid. Chris played soccer until high school, when he became a referee and coach. Chris has been involved in theater since 6th grade. He started writing original shows in 9th grade. Chris believes creativity is key to a successful community. Creativity gives people an opportunity to spread their mind and entertain, tell stories, and evoke emotion. Chris believes that community is important for everyone. It is important to support everyone's dreams, ideas and passions. When we work together instead of working against each other, we get a lot more done!


Name: Corrie Ortega

Role: Co Vice-President

Bio: Corrie is a mom of 3 active boys, 2 girl dogs and the wife of a football coach.  She enjoys anything related to fitness, nutrition, healthy living, football and Jesus. Corrie is currently a health coach, group exercise instructor, personal trainer and volunteer track coach.  She was a collegiate cross country and track runner. Corrie knows that being able to express yourself through the arts creates a sense of wellness.  When you can express yourself and ultimately impact others, you gain great confidence. Corrie believes serving others is key.  Community is where you find out who you are and how you can give back.  When you give back, you get back…it’s just how it works!


Name: John Hutelmyer

Role: Co Vice-President

Bio: John Hutelmyer has been involved with Arts and Athletics Club and Tohoshi Productions since its inception. John believes that the community needs programs that encourage and give people the opportunity to express themselves through artistic or healthy athletic ways. John also believes that it is crucial to offer quality and diverse entertainment at a low cost to give people exposure to the arts.  A graduate of West Chester University with a degree in Criminal Justice he has recently retired from Vanguard after a 23 year career in Management in their Global Security Department. While in college, he worked in the technical end on the stages and performance venues on campus and developed a great interest and appreciation of the creative art forms. As a result, he has been a huge supporter of the Arts especially on the local and college level. He also has been involved in athletics his entire life as an athlete, coach, supporter and fan


Name: Karen Dixon

Role: Secretary 


Karen is a proud wife of 20 years to Ryan and mom of 3 to the amazing Jacob, Sienna and Owen. She recently became a first time dog owner to our sweet pup Lulu. Her family and friends are what ground her. Karen values loyalty and love above all else and feel like we can all make the world a better place by loving harder and judging less.


Karen has been a strong supporter of the arts for as long as she can remember. She finds the artistic outlet to be freeing and essential to connect with people on deeper levels. Whether she is participating in an artistic program or an audience member, Karen feels closer to her authentic self through that medium.


Athletics has been a part of Karen’s life since adolescence. Granted, she is usually a spectator as opposed to participant; however, Karen values and understands the connection between team work, self improvement and goal setting within the athletic community. Lessons learned through the participation in athletics is vital to growth and development physically as well as mentally.


To Karen, community has many definitions and each one is important in its own right. The ability to be part of something, whether it be through choice or proximity, helps to build belonging and acceptance. This the helps to build character. Karen is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community.

Nancy Loughridge 13.jpeg

Name: Nancy Loughridge

Role: Treasurer 

Bio: Nancy has a background in retail businesses,buying,marketing, and selling.

Customer service at the forefront of all this,knowing what customers expect and delivering what they desire. Interviewing,hiring, training of diverse and efficient work force are all skills Nancy has learned through her work. Nancy is now "Retired", still working for Domestic Abuse non-profit and loving it! She loves to travel, take photos, and antiques! She is partial to dogs vs cats! Nancy enjoys being involved in A and A and  helping to find ways to expand finances and our audience. To Nancy, creativity is important to play to people's strengths and get the most out of everyone. If someone is great at something, let them run with it! Nancy believes that community is something we all need to strive for. Making different folks,cultures, generations feel like they belong and that they can contribute even in a small way!

Production Team


Chris Hutelmyer
Executive Director


Jared Henderson
Technical Director


John Hutelmyer

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