About Us

Arts and Athletics Club is an organization in Coatesville that promotes both the arts and athletics. It's purpose is to get people of all ages involved with both topics by hosting fun events for everyone. Arts and Athletics Club also believes in using these areas to make a positive difference, as well as, to strengthen the community.


We are currently organized as an event to event basis. We host events all around the community.


Arts and Athletics Club proudly hosts Tohoshi Productions, a theater organization in Coatesville that performs original work. Tohoshi Productions has put on 10 original shows since 2007.


Character Wheel


Arts and Athletics Club encourages everyone to get involved in all sorts of activities. We believe that people should try a little bit of everything. In order to encourage this, everyone who participates in an activity recieves a Character Wheel. The wheel has eight components. The goal is to fill the wheel by participating in an activity that fills that component.


The 8 components are:

Team Sport

Individual Sport

Athletic Training

Performance Art

Visual Art

Written Art

Service Learning

Future Planning 

Organization Structure 

Arts and Athletics Club is run as a 3 tiered organization. Three different groups contribute towards the ideas for community events and projects. The purpose of having three different groups is to have a wide variety of ideas that represent that the thoughts of many different people. 

Board of Directors

The board of directors meet monthly.

Tohoshi Meetings

The Tohoshi Meetings group meets on Sundays.

Youth Board of Directors

The Youth Board of Directors will meet starting in 2018. The will meet every other week.