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Arts and Athletics Club performs many different productions throughout the year. Our goal is to get all people involved with theater, regardless of experience level, time commitment availability, or income level. It is free to be a part of an Arts and Athletics Club production. Rehearsal schedules are lighter than most theater organizations and people can still be in productions based off with limited availability. Everyone who wants to participate will be involved in our productions


Certain shows will have auditions prior to the start of the production. Participants will be given the requirements and preparation materials ahead of time.

Not every production holds auditions. For non-audition productions, participants will receive parts at the "Read-Through."

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2023 Season 

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4 Short Plays and One That is a Little Longer

When: January

Cast Size: 10+ (Adults) 

Description: We kick off our season with five shows combined into one! A mix of comedic and dramatic moments.

Words: When a soldier returns to his wife, things get weird when their words are replaced with new words.

The Turkey: The night before Thanksgiving, a woman tries to find a turkey at a grocery store. But will she find love instead?

Witches: A group of witches try to find a new career when they learn that witchcraft is frowned upon.

My Last Night: A prison inmate is on death row. He reflects with his Corrections Officer on what it means to be a good person.

The Revival: In the future, the town is falling apart. The only revive a famous historical figure to save the day. But perhaps this man wasn't the hero the history books made him out to be.


The Lottery 2

When: March (Rehearsals begin January)

Cast Size: 10+ (Adults) 1 (Youth)

Description: A group of greedy family members compete in a crazy reality to show to win their Matriarch's inheritance. With twists and turns, the audience will decide the final winner of this cruel game.


So Many Mes

When: April (Rehearsals begin February)

Cast Size: 10 (Adults) 2 (Teens)

Description: So Many Mes is the story of a man and woman that live next to each other, separated by a thin wall. The man, being a trouble maker all his life has slowed down and is taking a calmer approach to life. The woman, who has spent her entire life living by the rules is having her rebellious phase, a little later in life. When both of them start feeling really down, they are visited by both past and future versions of themselves that cause chaos and mayhem in their life.

So Many Mes is a heartfelt dramedy about embracing your past, living in the present, and looking forward to the future!


The Asylum

When: June (Rehearsals begin March)

Cast Size: 5 (Teen)

Description: A ex-convict gets a job at an Asylum. While trying to do make amends for his previous crime, the runner of the Asylum has alternative plans. This nonmusical is a teen showcase production. With only 5 parts in the entire production, this horror play will keep the audience on their toes the whole time..

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I Broke My Mirror (Musical)




When: October (Rehearsals begin September)

Cast Size: 8 (Youth) 2 (Adult)

Description: Awkward tells the story of the awkwardness of Middle School. 8 girls go on a school trip where they need to work together to get by. Awkward is a building block production and open to all, especially beginners!

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The Classroom

When: October (Rehearsals begin September)

Cast Size: Open Enrollment (Youth)

Description: Following the success of Going Places, The Classroom is a group of skits that focus on all of the wacky and zany things that happen at school. Actors will have the opportunity to play multiple different characters as they jump from skit to skit, bringing together an entertaining production for the audience!


In My Head (Musical)

When: November (Rehearsals begin Aug/Sept)

Cast Size: 10+ (Teen)

Description: In My Head tells the story of your every day high school. You have your popular kids, your punk rockers, your artists, and more. When a tenacious student, Becca, finds the results to the school mental health's survey, she realizes she needs to do something to make a change. She starts a new club at school for students to discuss mental health. While an unlikely team of students start the meetings awkwardly, the slowly learn more about each other and develop important bonds and actually start to enjoy the meetings. The school board, concerned that the club is making the district look like it has a major problem on its hands decides to shut down the club. Will Becca be able to save the club? And will the cancellation of the club cause too much irreparable damage for the students? 

New Writer's Showcase


Coming in 2023

We are thrilled to be presenting the New Writer's Showcase! Throughout the year, we will have a couple special productions where guest writers from Arts and Athletics Club programs will team up with us and bring a new show to life! A great way to showcase creativity and present new voices in our work, the New Writer's Showcase will bring variety and freshness to our season!


Special Youth Production

When: May (Rehearsals begin March)

Cast Size: Open Enrollment

Description: Our Youth Playwriting workshop will conclude with a special production written by all of the kids in this program. Actors do not need to be a part of the playwriting workshop to be in this production. More details to come soon. 

The Sleepover

When: March (Rehearsals begin January)

Cast Size: 7 (Youth) 2(Teen/Adult)

Description: A group of boys have just started middle school. When a birthday comes up, the boys decide to throw the ultimate sleepover that includes an epic nerf fight. Little do they know, they might be fighting over more than just the nerf battle. This Choose Your Own Adventure story let's the audience dictate the story.

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