Arts and Athletics Club performs many different productions throughout the year. Our goal is to get all people involved with theater, regardless of experience level, time commitment availability, or income level. It is free to be a part of an Arts and Athletics Club production. Rehearsal schedules are lighter than most theater organizations and people can still be in productions based off with limited availability. Everyone who wants to participate will have a part in our productions.

We offer programs for Youth, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Community Productions. 

For Youth/Teens 


This Fall: Superhero Theater

Malvern NonMusical - Going Places

Malvern's first ever play that is made up of different comedy skits all with the central theme of going places. Actors will get to play different characters in different scenarios in a fun production!

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DTown/Cville Musical - Dreamsavers (Teens):

If you die in a dream, you die in real life. Ever want to travel into dreams? A team of sleep travelling heroes must save people from dying in their dreams. Little do they know, that someone sinister is also travelling into dreams and messing things up. Will the Dreamsavers be able to stop them?

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For Young Adults (18-25)


Fall: Original Theater Workshops

Come workshop some original theater productions with us. More details here: 

For Adults 18+


Stay tuned

Stay turned for information on our next production. Annual productions typically occur in the late spring.

For All Ages (Community)


The Artist (Travelling Show)

The Artist will be performed at community parks during their events throughout the year. Be a part of this crew and have fun bringing theater to the community! Learn more here.

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