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Around the Room

Around the Room

Around the Room is an online series that gets a group of people together to discuss different topics.

These videos are about getting the community to come together and have conversations with each other in a respectful and inclusive manner. The overall goal is to capture how the community was feeling in the moment.

Community members will go around the room answering questions on the specific topic.

If you want to be on the panel for one of these topics, apply here!

Season 1 Topics

-What does it mean to be a millennial?

-Mental Health during the pandemic

-Graduating during a pandemic

-Being a mom

-Art during the pandemic

-Working during the pandemic

Season 1 will be filmed: March 20th, March 21st, March 24th, March 27th and March 28th.

Due to Covid-19, Season 1 will be filmed outdoors with space between each participant. Participants will be asked to bring a mask for when they are not speaking. Temperature check will be completed before each shoot.

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