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Our season kicks off in January with 4 Short Plays and One that is a Little Longer!

What are the plays involved with this production? Here's the scoop!

Words: When a soldier returns to his wife, things get weird when their words are replaced with new words.

The Turkey: The night before Thanksgiving, a woman tries to find a turkey at a grocery store. But will she find love instead?

Witches: A group of witches try to find a new career when they learn that witchcraft is frowned upon.

My Last Night: A prison inmate is on death row. He reflects with his Corrections Officer on what it means to be a good person.

The Revival: In the future, the town is falling apart. The only solution...to revive a famous historical figure to save the day. But perhaps this man wasn't the hero the history books made him out to be.

Our adults kick off our new space in the Exton Mall with this production that has a mix of comedic and dramatic moments!