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Keep Out, Phoebe's Phone, In My Head


Up Next:

We have three different performances coming up. 

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Keep Out (Youth): May 21st at Valley Creek Park 3PM, May 22nd at Malvern Arts 3PM

Written by our students in our Playwriting Workshop!

A group of students learn about a secret room in a lab. One night they decide to sneak into the lab where they meet an army of mannequins and other strange lab creatures. In this student written production, our characters face many obstacles to bring the good lab creatures together with the evil lab creatures.

Phoebe's Phone (Adult): May 25th at West Brandywine Park 7PM

Ever feel like the government was spying on your phone? What if you found out that you had your own agent assigned to you? This hilarious comedy tells the story of what happens when your FBI agent catches feelings and the only way the contact you, is through your phone.

In My Head (Teen): June 23rd, June 24th: Stetson Middle School. 7PM

Arts and Athletics Club is very excited to work on this purpose project, In My Head (An Original Musical).

The goal of this production is to promote our You're Not Alone initiative, a project where we raise awareness for mental health in our community. We are having artists paint lawn signs, community members sharing their mental health stories, and we will be performing In My Head, an original musical that discusses mental health and lets teens know that they are not alone. At the show, we will be partnering with local organizations to have resources available with information regarding mental health.

​The major point of this show is to let Chester County youth that they are not alone. We are inviting high schoolers and middle schoolers from all over Chester County including but not limited to: Coatesville, Downingtown, Exton, West Chester, Malvern, Tredyffrin, Kennett, Unionville and more.



​In My Head tells the story of your every day high school. You have your popular kids, your punk rockers, your artists, and more. When a tenacious student, Becca, finds the results to the school mental health's survey, she realizes she needs to do something to make a change. She starts a new club at school for students to discuss mental health. While an unlikely team of students start the meetings awkwardly, the slowly learn more about each other and develop important bonds and actually start to enjoy the meetings. The school board, concerned that the club is making the district look like it has a major problem on its hands decides to shut down the club. Will Becca be able to save the club? And will the cancellation of the club cause too much irreparable damage for the students?

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