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Tohoshi TV

To hoshi TV is a way to enjoy Arts and Athletics Club content online. Sign up for an annual TohoshiTV Membership and view programming, shows, and events at your own time.

A TohoshiTV Subscription costs $55.00 and you get a subscription for 6 months.

Video Types Include:

  • Recorded Full Productions From 2023 season and past 

  • Brand New Original Web Series

  • Fitness Videos 

  • Recorded A+A events such as Poetry Slams, Concerts 

  • Recorded Past Productions

  • Musical Numbers, skits, and More


TohoshiTV also offers a unique form of programming for Arts and Athletics Club (acting for film).

We will update this page as acting opportunities become available. Come be an actor in a fun and exciting project! Join the cast of our original web series shows!  

Full Shows


In My Head

The Artist

Dreamsavers (Coming Soon)


4 short plays (Coming Soon)

My Last Night

The Sleepover

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