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Creative Running Club

Love to run?

Want to get started?

Want to get healthy?

Arts and Athletics Club is starting its very own RUNNING CLUB in the Dowingtown area. This club is for anyone who wants encouragement to get healthy and would like to run. This club will help prepare for races, get in shape, and give the participants a group to run with.

What makes this club creative? 

Arts and Athletics Club focuses on creative projects. In order to differentiate between other running groups, the Creative Running Club will have different experiences for the runs. Runs will be separated into four different categories:

Storytelling: Storytelling runs will involve creating a story for why everyone is running. For example, we are being invaded by aliens so we must run to escape them. Storytelling runs will be set up ahead of time and can even use volunteers to play parts in the story.

Costume/Themes: Runners will have a specific theme for the week that they will wear for the run that week. Ex: Everyone wears red, everyone dresses as pirates, etc

Snack: One member of the group will provide their favorite snack for after the run.

Special Runs: Special runs will be done to have untraditional runs. Ex include a scavenger hunt run, a color run, night run, etc.  


Running Club will take place on Sundays at 11:30 AM starting in March. Members are invited to come to as many runs as they'd like. Runs will alternate between short runs, medium runs, and the occasional long run. 

Open to all ages. Click here to join!

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