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The Show:

Arts and Athletics Club is very excited to work on this purpose project, In My Head (An Original Musical).

The goal of this production is to promote our You're Not Alone initiative, a project where we raise awareness for mental health in our community. We are having artists paint lawn signs, community members sharing their mental health stories, and we will be performing In My Head, an original musical that discusses mental health and lets teens know that they are not alone. At the show, we will be partnering with local organizations to have resources available with information regarding mental health.

The major point of this show is to let Chester County youth that they are not alone. We are inviting high schoolers and middle schoolers from all over Chester County including but not limited to: Coatesville, Downingtown, Exton, West Chester, Malvern, Tredyffrin, Kennett, Unionville and more.

Rehearsal Location:

We will rehearse primarily at Grove United Methodist Church (490 Boot Rd, West Chester, PA 19380)

We have chose this as a central location so we can reach many surrounding areas.

Rehearsal Schedule: Please click here.

Note: Not everyone will be asked to attend every rehearsal. We will split things up to work on all parts of the show. Cast members will have the opportunity to send conflicts so we can plan around them. We want to build a flexible opportunity.

Performance Dates:

Our performance dates will be June 23rd and June 24th at Stetson Middle School


In My Head tells the story of your every day high school. You have your popular kids, your punk rockers, your artists, and more. When a tenacious student, Becca, finds the results to the school mental health's survey, she realizes she needs to do something to make a change. She starts a new club at school for students to discuss mental health. While an unlikely team of students start the meetings awkwardly, the slowly learn more about each other and develop important bonds and actually start to enjoy the meetings. The school board, concerned that the club is making the district look like it has a major problem on its hands decides to shut down the club. Will Becca be able to save the club? And will the cancellation of the club cause too much irreparable damage for the students? 

Business Sponsorships

We would like to partner with local businesses for sponsorship opportunities and more. For more information, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Characters/Cast List:

Becca  - Pioneers the mental health club, tries to bring everyone together but often feels like she is not doing a good job 

Ryan  - Popular, joins the mental health club because he feels the pressures of being the person people always looks up to, develops a bond with Becca 

Lolo - When she is up, she is up, but when she is down, she is down. Xavier's crush who is dealing with depression. 

Xavier - A punk rock/emo student that is trying to improve his relationship with Lolo 

Alyssa - A star runner for the school, often rushes home to take care of her sick mother. Her joining the club is the catalyst for others to join 

Brock - Brock is Ryan's biggest fan. He has aspirations to be the star football player one day. Little does he know, his admiration may be contributing to mounting pressure. 

Hunter - Smartest kid in the class, quiet in school, joins the mental health club because of the anxiety he feels while he tries to understand and keep secret his sexuality 

Quinn - The artist of the school that uses art therapy as healing but draws some pretty disturbing pieces, builds an unlikely partnership with Kristen 

Kristen - Rule follower, religious character, comic relief 

Sample Songs:

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Sign Up Today

While we are currently done casting, we would love to fill our cast and crew with additional participants. Email us to get involved.

Business Sponsorships/Partnerships

Thank you for partnering with Arts and Athletics Club in their upcoming production. Arts and Athletics Club is a non-profit organization focused on creativity. Our EIN Number is 84-1804218 Arts and Athletics Club will be performing In My Head on June 23rd and June 24th. This production is an original musical written right here in the community. 


In My Head is a production all about mental health awareness performed by teens.The goal of this production is to show what mental health looks like and to let people know they are not alone. We are teaming up with local mental health organizations to have resources available at the show for anyone who wants to look at them. We are also partnering with local artists to paint motivational signs that will be displayed across the community. Finally we are having people submit their mental health stories to show others that they are not alone. This is a community project with students from Downingtown, Coatesville, West Chester, Malvern, and Octorara. 


Packages :

Tier 1 - $30 Business Card Size Ad,  Submit a 3.5x2 inches business card that will be printed and in our program

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Tier 5 - $150 - You can submit any size ad and we will project your ad in a rotation on a screen before the show as people walk in and wait for the show to begin.

Tier 6 - $250+ - You can submit any size ad, be a part of the projector ad rotation, and we will add your name to the ticket link and our social media pages in a special thank you.   



All tiers can be paid with cash or a check made out to “Arts and Athletics Club” Businesses can also use venmo @artsandathleticsclub and email the add to Ads can also be submitted and paid for online at


Thank you for kindly considering sponsoring Arts and Athletics Club’s production of In My Head. Our cast and crew continue to work hard to allow the performing arts to thrive in the community. Your support helps us achieve this.


With gratitude,


Chris Hutelmyer

Arts and Athletics Club 

Executive Director

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