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A Mental Health Musical

Arts and Athletics Club is very excited to work on this impact project, In My Head (An Original Musical).

The goal of this production is to promote our You're Not Alone initiative, a project where we raise awareness for mental health in our community. We are having artists paint lawn signs, community members sharing their mental health stories, and we will be performing In My Head, an original musical that discusses mental health and lets teens know that they are not alone. At the show, we will be partnering with local organizations to have resources available with information regarding mental health.



In My Head tells the story of your every day high school. You have your popular kids, your punk rockers, your artists, and more. When a tenacious student, Becca, finds the results to the school mental health's survey, she realizes she needs to do something to make a change. She starts a new club at school for students to discuss mental health. While an unlikely team of students start the meetings awkwardly, the slowly learn more about each other and develop important bonds and actually start to enjoy the meetings. The school board, concerned that the club is making the district look like it has a major problem on its hands decides to shut down the club. Will Becca be able to save the club? And will the cancellation of the club cause too much irreparable damage for the students? 

To watch the show, please visit HERE

The show was performed in 2022 and 2023 by two separate casts.

In 2024, we are creating a special Mental Health Awareness concert featuring the songs from the musical. We will include tips, stories, and resources to make the event truly show that you are not alone. 

This concert is free.

2022 Cast Bios


Emmy (Alyssa) - Hi! I am a theatre and education major at Albright College, and I have been doing theatre for most of my life. I have always been super passionate about mental health and ending the stigma, so as soon as I saw this opportunity I jumped on it! I am so grateful to be a part of this production and surrounded by all the accepting and loving individuals in it. This is my first performance with the Arts and Athletics Club, but it definitely won’t be my last!!


Zane (Xavier) - Zane just complete 7th grade at Downingtown Middle School. He recently performed in the DMS Musical of Newsies as Davey, and as Demetrius in Mid Summer Nights Dream. He lost his Nana (Mary T) to her mental illness in 2007. Zane was excited to contribute towards Mary T’s Legacy, which seeks to create a world that is safe and supportive so no one has to suffer in silence again.


Sarah (Lolo) - This is Sarah's first production with Arts and Athletics Club as she brings Lolo to life. She was most recently seen in Downingtown West's Production of Kiss Me Kate. Sarah would like to thank my family for all of there support!


Mackenzie (Becca) - I joined Arts and Athletics Club in 2016 after my mom signed me up (thanks mom!). It has been an amazing journey participating in countless plays, even through COVID when we did one over zoom. In My Head is probably one of my favorite productions I have been a part of to date. It touches on some really important topics that don’t get addressed enough because of the negative stigma surrounding mental health. The most important takeaway from this play is that it is okay to need support and you are definitely not alone.


Ian (Ryan) - A little bit about myself, I am a graduate of Temple University College of Science and Technology since May 2020. I majored in Computer Science, and have actually remained at Temple as an Adjunct Instructor. I’m also working as a software developer at Electric Bluefish Productions Inc, a design and software company that produces anything from websites to trade show booths. Mental health is important in any field. While I love coding and my job, it can be very mentally taxing. If you don't take a break, you can find yourself getting stuck or drained. Theater has been a great outlet for me to relieve stress, and just do something completely different.


I have been acting for approximately 13 years. Something that Ive found very fulfilling about being a part of this production is that a lot of the actors are the same age as when I started acting. Being a part of their journey into theater, and watching them go outside of their comfort zones, singing songs that have never been heard before. Its been spectacular.


Gabriella (Quinn) - I think I've improved in this show. Please don't say anything mean or I will cry. Thank you Chris and Karen for running this show and helping us through everything. This show means a lot to me because mental health is very important to me, and I think it turned out well. To my fellow actors, thank you for making this a fun time, you have all done wonderfully and improved tremendously. Break a leg everyone <3


Kayden (Hunter) - Kayden joins us on stage for the first time taking on the role of Hunter. Kayden sings in choir. Kayden is going into 8th grade. Kayden also recently got a pet cat named Maggie and has a bearded dragon named Harley.


Keeva (Kristen) - Keeva is excited to join the cast of In My Head. She was last seen on stage years ago in Bye Bye Birdie. "I like Transformers, I’m going into 10th grade. I write stories and make Tik Tok Edits, I have over twenty Transformers action figures. I also have over 30 pets."


Abigail (Liza) - Abigail joined Arts and Athletics Club in the winter of of 2022 when she performed as Delaney in Awkward. She is excited to be a part of her first musical playing the news reporter, Liza. 


Hayden (Brock) - this is my first musical for the arts and athletics club, but i have been doing other musicals my whole life. i joined as a late addition to the cast, but this whole musical has been a lot of fun. Next year i will be attending the technical college high school


Jake (Coach) - Jake is excited to be a part of his first production with Arts and Athletics Club. He was most recently seen in DMS's production of Newsies in the spring. You can see Jake take on multiple roles during the show, In My Head.

Ashlynn (Board Member) - Ashlynn just graduated 5th grade from East Ward Elementary School and will be attending Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center in the Fall. She loves Art, Music, and the Performing Arts. This is Ashlynn’s debut performance and she is looking forward to many more in the future.


Margaret (Mother) - I am a member of the Coatesville Cultural Society. I have known Chris for many years and am very pleased to be part of this important production.

Mental Health Tips

Mental Health Stories

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