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The Show:

Arts and Athletics Club is very excited to work on this purpose project, In My Head (An Original Musical).

The goal of this production is to promote our You're Not Alone initiative, a project where we raise awareness for mental health in our community. We are having artists paint lawn signs, community members sharing their mental health stories, and we will be performing In My Head, with resources available for anyone struggling with mental health. Rehearsals and performances will take place in the first half of 2022.

In My Head tells the story of your every day high school. You have your popular kids, your punk rockers, your artists, and more. When a tenacious student, Becca, finds the results to the school mental health's survey, she realizes she needs to do something to make a change. She starts a new club at school for students to discuss mental health. While an unlikely team of students start the meetings awkwardly, the slowly learn more about each other and develop important bonds and actually start to enjoy the meetings. The school board, concerned that the club is making the district look like it has a major problem on its hands decides to shut down the club. Will Becca be able to save the club? And will the cancellation of the club cause too much irreparable damage for the students? 


Sample Songs:

Becca (female lead) - Pioneers the mental health club, tries to bring everyone together but often feels like she is not doing a good job

Ryan (male lead) - Popular, joins the mental health club because he feels the pressures of being the person people always looks up to, develops a bond with Becca 

Lolo - When she is up, she is up, but when she is down, she is down. Xavier's crush who is dealing with depression.

Xavier - A punk rock/emo student that is trying to improve his relationship with Lolo

Alyssa - A star runner for the school, often rushes home to take care of her sick mother. Her joining the club is the catalyst for others to join

Hunter - Smartest kid in the class, quiet in school, joins the mental health club because of the anxiety he feels while he tries to understand and keep secret his sexuality 

Quinn - The artist of the school that uses art therapy as healing but draws some pretty disturbing pieces, builds an unlikely partnership with Tristan

Tristan - Leads the school's Bible Study and looks to God to assist with mental health, rule follower

Minor Roles and Ensemble Roles also available

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