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Elementary Acting

Our Elementary Acting course is a fun intro to theater course that teaches kids the skills to perform on stage! Kids will learn techniques that will help them with their confidence, presentation, teamwork, and more. 

Elementary Acting with tackle skill building through lessons, games, and on stage experience. 

The class concludes with a 10 minute skit that can be viewed by family and friends. Participants will get to put their new skills they learned to use on stage!

Any 4th grader who has completed this class will be invited to participate in our free Youth Theater productions (typically grades 5-8).

This course costs $100 for the entire schedule. There is no ticket fee for the short skit at the end of the course. 

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Fall Session

Saturdays 1-2PM







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  • Each session will meet 6 times on either Monday evening or Saturday afternoon. 

  • Our next session is scheduled to begin on September 21st

  • Family and friends are invited to watch a 10 minute skit during the final last session. We will allow guests to be seated 20 minutes prior to the end of the session. 

  • Participants can attend multiple sessions. 

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