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Fall Youth Theater

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The Show:

Fall Theater returns for our Youth and Teens this fall.

Theater Opportunities for Youth and Teens:

Twisted Tales - (Nonmusical Grades 4-8)

Your favorite fairy tales have gotten a little TWISTED! Twisted Tales is a group of skits that focus on classic stories and fairy tales, except something isn't what it seems. These comical interpretations of stories like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and more will be goofy, funny and weird putting your favorite characters in ridiculous situations. In this show, there is a part for everyone, and with many different skits, each actor will get to play multiple parts!

Rehearsals will be Saturdays 2-4PM

Can't make every rehearsal? No problem! By breaking up into skits, we can work around missed rehearsals. Just communicate with the directing team your conflicts and we will work around.

The Asylum - (Nonmusical Grades 9-12)

A ex-convict gets a job at an Asylum. While trying to do make amends for his previous crime, the runner of the Asylum has alternative plans. This nonmusical is a teen showcase production. With only 5 parts in the entire production, this horror play will keep the audience on their toes the whole time..

Rehearsals will be Saturdays 4-6PM

In My Head - (Musical Grades 7-12)

In My Head is our Teen Mental Health Musical created to promote mental wellness for all people by showing what mental health looks like and letting people know they are not alone. By partnering with local organizations, this project's goal is to reach people in the community that need support. Together we will give youth a voice, provide a performance that impacts all, and provide mental health tips and stories to help people who may be looking for it. 

To learn more about In My Head, please visit here: 

How much does it cost?

There is no registration fee to join this program. We encourage all people to participate!

Each person who attends the show will be required to buy a ticket to the show.

- Ticket costs are a pay what you will donation to Arts and Athletics Club

Parents also are encouraged to help with business sponsorships. 


The theater programs has major goals to help students on their creative journey

  • Build confidence  

  • Learn acting techniques

  • Memorization techniques 

  • Encourage Creative Thinking

  • Have fun  

Rehearsal Location:

Reh​earsals will take place at "Arts and Athletics Club" at the Exton Mall. 

Our location is on the second floor in the old Aeropostale 

Rehearsal Schedule:  

Our rehearsal schedule for Twisted Tales can be found here!

The performance dates will be: Saturday November 4 and Sunday November 5

Our rehearsal schedule for The Asylum can be found here!

The performance dates will be: October 28th October 29th

Our rehearsal schedule for In My Head can be found here!

The performance dates will be: November 17th, November 18th


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