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A Part for Everyone

Have you ever wanted to be in a play, musical, or video? Arts and Athletics Club brings all sorts of people together throughout the year to be involved in different productions. Join our database to get involved in future productions.

Our productions are originals. They are written and produced locally.  

There is a part for everyone!

Our goal is to get everyone involved in a production. We offer FREE programs to give the opportunity to everyone who wants it.

-Experience is not a factor.

-Age is not a factor.

There are a few different groups:

Classic Tohoshi - New material, open for everyone

Adult Tohoshi - Productions for Adult Actors

Teen Tohoshi - Productions for Teen Actors

Tohoshi Kids - Productions for Younger Actors

TohoshiM - Productions with more mature themes.

Choose Your Own Adventure - Nontraditional productions where audience decides where story goes

Frequently Asked Questions:

What organization is this? Arts and Athletics Club is an organization focused on creative projects. It started putting on stage shows in 2007 and has put on shows every year since then..


What show are you casting for? We are currently casting for future original productions. 

When are rehearsals? A practice schedule will be built out once the show is cast. 


What if I can't make all the rehearsals? Life can get busy. We accommodate missed rehearsals and offer smaller roles to people who cannot make a large commitment.


Where do you rehearse and perform? We are a travelling theater organization. We rehearse at a few different locations in the Downingtown/Coatesville area. We are in the process of locking down the venue for the performances now. 


Who is currently involved? We have a wide variety of actors from age 12-40's with a majority of the cast in the 20s. A Haunted Night would be primarily Youth Actors. 

Is there a cost involved? This program is free to join. Our actors do not get paid. 

How do I get involved or send more questions? To get involved please email us and fill out our quick form!

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