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Featured Events

The Arts portion of Arts and Athletics Club focuses on getting people involved through written, performance, and visual art. Our organization offers many different programs in the fields of music, theater, poetry, and more. Tohoshi Productions is the Theater component of A and A. Tohoshi puts on original pieces of  theater in the community.

Tohoshi Productions

Arts and Athletics Club proudly hosts Tohoshi Productions, a theater organization that performs original works of theater. Tohoshi performs both one act plays and musicals.


January - Two One Act Plays

August - Musical 

Tohoshi Productions has performed over 15 shows in over ten years. They continue to grow and perform for the community 

Coatesville Poetry Attack

Arts and Athletics Club Hosts an Annual Poetry Attack! 


Our Poetry Attack events gave our community members a chance to express themselves. People were asked to prepare a poem, read it to a group, and listen to other community members read as well. 

There will be another event in February of 2019 at the Coatesville Library.



Greatest Hits Concert

Arts and Athletics Club hosted a greatest hits concert, featuring original songs from Tohoshi shows. 

We encourage singers to get involved in the next concert! If you love to sing, this the opportunity for you to perform.

Please reach out to us if you would like to participate in the next Greatest Hits Concert! 

Stage Crew 

Arts and Athletics Club is introducing a Brand New Stage Crew! The Stage Crew will help out with the artistic portions of our productions. They can be involved with sets, props, backgrounds, behind the scenes, etc! 

Theater Going Club

Arts and Athletics Club is hosting a Theater Going Club for anyone interested in going out and watching shows! The Theater Going Club will meet up and check out performances around the area. They will then meet afterwards to discuss the show with the group! This is a great program for anyone who wants to get out and see other people's productions! 

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Theater Workshop

Join us for our Theater Workshop! Perform in two One Act Plays. One original, and one written by the participants in the program. This is great for all levels of experience and will be a fun time for everyone! 

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