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A Message from our President….


Hello Arts and Athletics Club Community,


I am extremely sad to report the passing of Tohoshi Volunteer, Joan M. Bradley Thompson. Joan has been a pivotal member of our organization since the very beginning. If you did not know Joan, you would instantly recognize her as she was the very friendly ticket collector at all of our performances. Her daughter, Ailish, was heavily involved in productions from 2009-2016 until she moved. Joan continued to volunteer for the organization, even after her daughter moved. We could always count on Joan to be there with a smile. She would constantly tell me, “You don’t even have to ask, I’ll be there.” We will always remember Joan as incredibly kind, always willing to help, and dedicated to the arts in Coatesville.


During this difficult time, please keep Joan’s family in your thoughts and prayers, especially her children Ailish, Patrick, and Christopher and her sisters Connie and Clare.


We lost an amazing member of the Tohoshi family, and there is a huge hole in our hearts. There will be a special tribute performance for Joan in the future. For viewing and funeral information, please visit here:


Rest in peace Joan. We love you.