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Hi everyone and welcome to Tohoshi Day! May 11th is the anniversary of our first ever production. Since then we have performed over 40 productions with around 150 actors (youth, teen, and adults) all throughout Chester County!


On May 11th, we are raising funds to stay in our space for a second year!!! Can we reach $10,000? Hopefully we can through your support! 


Why is a space important to us? Because with a space we can continue to provide many opportunities to all people. Our theater program is free to all participants. Other similar programs in the area can cost between $300-$700! We are determined to make the arts accessible to all people!


What have we done in our space? Well since January, we have made it a priority to have opportunities for all. Let's take a look at what we have done below in our space - we are not letting this time go to waste!:  

2023 4 Short Plays.jpg


4 Short Plays and One a Little Shorter

2023 My Last Night.jpg


My Last Night

2023 The Sleepover.jpg


The Sleepover

2023 The Lottery.jpg


The Lottery 2

2023 So Many Mes.jpg


So Many Mes


Creative Teen Night

Each month teens get to come to our space and learn a creative skill. Teens can get creative, be themselves, and have fun!

January - Film

February - Improv 

March - The Great Theater Challenge

April - Voice acting

328903550_3374267919496835_3866778938302915847_n (1).jpg

Artists of the Month

Each month we feature one local artist where they can display their work in the mall for free. We are a very talented community and this work is incredible!

February - Sandrien Photography 

March - City Bird Art

April - Jared Henderson


Creativity Around the World Fest

Representatives from over 10 countries showcased creativity in their culture through food, dance, activities and more. People got to come to our space and learn all about different cultures and creativity. It was a come together event that brought joy to many!


Special Events

- Greatest Hits Concert

- Super Smash Bros Tourney

youth board.jpg

Playwriting Workshop

In our playwriting workshop, kids had a free opportunity to come together and write their own scripts. We are in the process of producing these original scripts as part of our season in June!!

This workshop encourages teamwork, creativity and fun!

Tohoshi Day 2024

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