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5 Years of Rain: The Musical



The Show:

Art​s and Athletics Club is excited to bring 5 Years of Rain to the stage in the Fall of 2024. When a group of witches put a spell on the town, causing 5 years of nonstop rain, the people grow angry with the witches. But when a human and witch fall in love, the two groups need to learn how to come together. 



Our Teen Musical Program

Our teen musicals are all about getting everyone involved who has an interest performing and creativity.

Our teen musical program is offered to students in 7th-12th grade. Our goal is to give participants the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

- Everyone who auditions gets a part! We do not cut any participants. 

- There is no registration fee to be in the program. Arts and Athletics Club is funded by ticket sales, donations, and fundraisers. We ask every participant to try to bring in $125 for the production through tickets, ads, shout outs, etc

- Participants have the opportunity to submit conflicts. 

- Arts and Athletics Club focuses on performing as a way to express creativity. All cast members will be given opportunities to give ideas for their characters, costumes, and sets. 

- Arts and Athletics Club is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that focuses on original theater. We have been bringing the arts into the community since 2007. 

- Arts and Athletics Club is the only local theater that focuses on ORIGINAL Theater. That means productions are written and produced locally. Participants have the opportunity to provide creative input in their characters while performing.


All performers are asked to prepare an audition. For the audition, performers are asked to prepare 30 seconds of song. There will be no accompaniment at the audition, but performers may bring instrumental music. Performers will also be asked to read lines at the audition. Stage crew participants do not need to audition. 

Rehearsal Location:

Rehearsals will take place at Arts and Athletics Club in the Exton Mall.


Rehearsal Schedule: Our rehearsals will begin with auditions the week of September 16th. Rehearsals will occur until the performance. We will utilize Monday and Tuesday nights for rehearsals. During the beginning of production, each participant will only be called to specific rehearsals.  

You can view the schedule here

Schedule Conflicts:

If you are looking at the schedule and have a lot of conflicts but still want to be in the performance. Talk with us! We are excited to work with you to make it work. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal, so we can make the schedule. Email us at and we can make things work!

Performance Dates:

Our ​show dates will be November 22nd and November 23rd

Stage Crew

We would love to have anyone interested in working behind the scenes or artistically be a part of our stage crew. Stage crew members can come to rehearsals that fit their schedule and help bring the show to life. To be a part of the stage crew, fill out the form below. 


Shoot us an email at:

Or give us a call at: 484-947-9586

Characters/Cast List:



Narrator: A Character that weaves in and out of the story, keeping the audience



Glitteron – A dreamer witch who wishes to live with the humans (singing)

Madelyn – The old witch who years to be young (singing)

Heretica – The leader of the witches (nonsinging except for chorus, speaking in rhythm)

Sarah – The tiniest but evilest witch (singing)

Becky – A Basic Witch (nonsinging except for chorus)

Lief – A Boy Witch who loves his plant (nonsinging except for chorus)



Mimi – The Evil Empress Who Banned Witches From the Town (Singing)

Rexy – The one who cheers everyone on through the rain  (Singing)

Alice – The Neighborhood Girl (Singing)

Zed – Mimi’s righthand (wo)man (nonsinging except for chorus)

Eliott – Alice’s movie star brother who returns home and falls for Glitteron (singing)

Jeremy – The Empress’s Lover Frozen in Stone (nonsinging)


Sand Dudes

Dave – The Leader of the Sand Dudes (Singing)

Frank – The overconfident Sand Dude (Singing)

Gary – Gary (Singing)


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