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Arts and Athletics Club is proud to offer its Creativity School. Creativity School is a group of classes that build skills, inspire, and create. All classes build foundations that students will be able to use to take their creative skills to the next level. All classes will run if 5+ students register.  

All classes will be held in our brand new location at the Exton Mall!

All classes run for 8 sessions and cost $100 for all 8 sessions!

Current Offerings

Please see our upcoming offerings and fill out our form to reserve your spot. Once a class is filled, we will reach out to schedule your 8 week session!


Intro to Film

Ages: 11-15

Description: Learn the basics of filmmaking such as using a camera, setting the shot, lighting, sound, and editing. This is an introductory class that teaches the foundations on your quest to make films!

Writing Music

Intro to Songwriting

Ages: 11-15

Description: Work on a keyboard to learn the basics of songwriting. Learn about melody lines, harmony lines, and how to use different sounds to create music. This class will cover basic music theory. 

Stage Curtains

Intro to Acting

Ages: 8-14

This class is built for all kids looking to begin their acting journey! Participants will learn how to get expressive, how to read stage directions, and how to become the best performer for the stage! 


Intro to Fitness Development

Ages: 9-14

This class is designed to help participants get active and stay active. Focusing on improving strength, speed, and endurance, each participant will get individual plans based on their current fitness level to build a routine that they can stick to in order to improve their skills. 

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