Crazy Soccer/Basketball Challenge

Bringing the Community Together Through Creativity and Sports


The Crazy Sports Challenge takes your favorite sports and makes them crazy! These games can be played one on one or two on two or community days with full teams. Every time a point is scored, the rules changes with a twist.

Each games have scores kept. After each point is scored, a twist enters the game such as: mummified, giant ball, bubble attack, etc. Once the game is over, a winner is crowned and the loser but score a goal or shoot a layup dressed as their mascot. 

This is a CHARITY EVENT that helps support both Arts and Athletics Club as well as other local organizations. The challenge is free but donations are collected.     

If you would like to participate in the challenge, please fill out the form so we can keep you in contact with future events

The events take place in Coatesville and Downingtown PA. 

Organizations Supported

The C​razy sports challenge has raised money for many different local organizations in the past.  The challenge has also collected 20 soccer balls to be donated to Peace Passers, an organization that distributes soccer equipment to clubs in need around the world.

Organizations supported:

Arts and Athletics Club

Brandywine YMCA

The Coatesville Area Public Library

Hope Beyond Borders

The Coatesville Football Booster Club

The Coatesville Soccer Booster Club


Take the Challenge!!


The challenge resumes in Spring of 2021. Get involved today!

What to Do

Basketball, Soccer - Choose what challenge you want to take. 

Choose a Team - Choose what team to play for. You can play as a free agent as well and we will select the organization for you.

Price - Free but we do collect donations for our nonprofit organization.

Schedule the Challenge- Fill out our form and pick a time to take the challenge. Weekend challenges will be done during a 12-2 block. Weekday challenges will be done during a 6-8 block. Challenge takes about 1/2 hour. 

3rd-5th Basketball - 4/28, 6/1, 7/3, 8/4

Middle School Basketball - 5/19, 6/11, 7/31, 8/12

High School Basketball - 5/12, 6/16, 7/17, 8/19

Adult Basketball -5/5, 6/21, 7/24, 8/26

3rd-5th Soccer - 5/1, 6/27, 7/11, 8/8

Middle School Soccer - 5/8, 6/13, 7/18, 8/15

High School Soccer -5/15, 6/20, 7/22, 8/4

Adult Soccer -5/8, 6/6, 7/29, 8/7

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Sample Twists


You must play dressed as a mummy.

Jumbo Ball
Jumbo Ball

You must play with a giant ball.

Feeling Skippy
Feeling Skippy

You must skip while playing.


You must play dressed as a mummy.



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