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4 Short Plays

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What is 4 Short Plays?


4 Short Plays is an annual one-night only project by Arts and Athletics Club that combines a group of short plays into one fun night of captivating performances. 

The different plays last about 10 minutes and captures different genres of entertainment! 

2023 Short Plays

Get Involved

Things to Note

We are excited to get you involved with 4 Short Plays 2024! Here are a few things to note as we get this performance up and going. 


  • There are no auditions to be in this production.

  • All roles are for adult actors unless otherwise noted. 

  • Actors can be in multiple short plays. No one is limited to one short play.

  • The performance will be at the end of February. We will coordinate with our actors to pick the date that works best. Possible show dates are: Feb 16, 17, 23 or 24.

  • Each skit will only have 3 to 4 rehearsals (approx 2 hrs each). Our goal is to make participation assessable to people who have busy schedules or have further distances to travel. 

  • We are a theater in the mall. Rehearsals will be at the Exton Mall. We are located on the second floor. Park in the garage across from the Chester County Library and drive up to the second floor. Go in those doors and we are the first spot on the left. 

  • Arts and Athletic Club encourages actors to unleash their creativity. We will work with your creative ideas to implement in the show as opposed to just giving direction. This way everyone is involved in the creative process. 

  • Tickets to the performance will be a Pay What You Will Donation to Arts and Athletics Club. We encourage you to spread the word! 

  • If you have any questions. Please email us at We want to work with you to make this come to life!

  • Arts and Athletics Club believes theater should be fun above all. Come prepared to have a good time, a few laughs, and put together an enjoyable show for an audience.    

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