Tohoshi TV

Coming January 2023

Tohoshi TV is a way to enjoy Arts and Athletics Club content online. Sign up for an annual TohoshiTV Membership and view programming, shows, and events at your own time. We will share videos with you each month. Amount of videos will vary per month.

Video Types Include:

  • All recorded A+A theater productions performed during your subscription (please note, not all theater productions are recorded)  

  • Brand New Original Web Series

  • Fitness Videos 

  • Recorded A+A events such as Poetry Slams, Concerts 

  • Recorded Past Productions

  • Musical Numbers, skits, and More


TohoshiTV also offers a unique form of programming for Arts and Athletics Club (acting for film).

We will update this page as acting opportunities become available. Come be an actor in a fun and exciting project! Join the cast of our original web series shows!