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The Artist

Arts and Athletics Club is proud to partner with West Chester Parks and Recreation for a free performance in the park.

Join us on July 16th at 6PM at Marshall Square Park for a performance of the Artist.

Plot: Charlotte is an aspiring artist. She goes to art school in the city, against her parents wishes. Suddenly, everything in her life starts to go wrong. Charlotte then gets a visit from her free-spirited sister, Kira. Kira brings Charlotte art supplies to help cheer her up. Charlotte decides to use these art supplies to draw all the people who have been ruining her life in peril to get out some frustration. Little does she know that the art supplies given to her were magic and everything she draws comes to life. Realizing what she has done, Charlotte must now save everyone who she drew before it is too late!

This show is sure to bring you laughs, heartfelt moments, and even a few songs! Artists are invited to participate in the production as well if they want by drawing the set as the show is performed. Runtime approx 1 hour.

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