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Summer Programs

Creative Athletics 23

Our creative summer programs aim to keep our participants active and creative this summer! All programs are open to students in grades 3-8 and the participation fee is a pay what you will donation to Arts and Athletics Club. Please register in advance so we can determine staffing and which programs to run. Thank you! 

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Invent your Own Sport Demo - Did you know basketball was created at a YMCA? The purpose of this fun program is to get youth to use their creative skills to invent their own sport. This workshop builds skills in creative thinking, knowledge of sports and sports history, and fitness. The Create Your Own Sport Workshop is perfect for any athlete wanting to have fun getting creative and stay in shape for future sports seasons

Dates: 7/16 (2-3) 7/31 (5-6)

Fitness Fun - In this one hour fitness class, participants will partake in a mix of exercises and games that will help develop strength, speed, endurance, and mind. This class is perfect for staying active and building out skills that can be used to set up good hobbies. 

Dates: 7/16 (3-4) CadioFun (focuses on speed and endurance through cardio training)

7/31 (4-5) CombatFun (focuses on different styles of martial arts for cardio workouts)

8/14 (6-7) StrengthFun (focuses on budling strength through full body exercise)

Field Day Olympics - Come participate in your favorite field games and we host the Field Day Olympics! Compete in all sort of different games, relays that will be fun and keep you active. Participate in teams and try out a lot of different games. Some will be cardio oriented, some will be water oriented, some will be strength oriented, all will be FUN!

Dates: 8/19 2-4

Crazy Sports Challenge -  In the crazy sports challenge, kids will play their favorite sports with a twist! Every time a point is scored, the rules of the game switch. For example, if a goal is scored in soccer, the ball can be replaced with a jumbo ball! Or when a goal is scored, you may have to skip while you don't have the ball. Many fun twists and turns will keep you creative and active this summer taking on the crazy sports challenge! 

Dates: 7/23 - Soccer - 2-4

8/4 - Flag Football - 6-8  

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