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How to Donate

Arts and Athletics Club is a nonprofit organization (501c3). Your support allows Arts and Athletics Club to run creative programs for the community. 

We are currently raising money for three MAJOR projects.


1) A Building - We are looking for a HOME! Arts and Athletics Club has been hosting events all throughout the community for over a decade. We are raising money to give our place a home base that we can run more performances and events at. See our vision.  

2) Stage Lights - Arts and Athletics Club always used stage lights provided by the Coatesville Cultural Society. We are looking to own our own lights to create more exciting events and experiences.

3) Staff - Running the organization and events takes a lot of times. Over a thousand volunteer hours are recorded each year. We are raising money to be able to pay leadership so more time can be devoted to helping provide events to the community.  

The easiest way to donate is In-Kind Donations. Donations can be made online here:

Additional ways to donate can be seen below:

Advertise with Us


Shout out a cast or crew member in our program for our next performance.

$10 - Text shoutout (Max 40 words)

$25 - Picture (business card size) and text shoutout (Max 40 Words)

You can choose your cast or crew member or get one assigned randomly. 

Businesses have the opportunity to help support creative community projects.


Business can sponsor through in kind donations or be a part of our program for an upcoming production. 


Tier 2 - $25 Business Card Size Ad, 1 complimentary ticket - Submit a 3.5x2 inches business card that will be printed and in our program

Tier 3 - $50 Quarter Page Ad. 1 complimentary ticket - Submit a 4.25x5.5. inches ad that will be printed and in our program

Tier 4 - $75 Half Page Ad, 2 complimentary tickets - Submit a 8.5x5.5 inches ad that will be printed and in our program 

Tier 5 - $125 Half Page Season - This ad will be in the program  


In addition to being in the program, all ads in Tier 3 and Tier 4 and Tier 5 will also be displayed on a projector before the show so all audience members also see the ads while they wait for the show to start.

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