Going Places



The Show:

Art​s and Athletics Club is excited to return to Malvern for their annual Fall production. This time, they will perform Going Places. Going Places is a show built out in different skits. Actors will get to play different roles in different skits all around a central theme of travel! 

The nonmusical theater programs has major goals to help students on their creative journey

  • Build confidence  

  • Learn acting techniques

  • Memorization techniques 

  • Encourage Creative Thinking

  • Have fun  

Rehearsal Location:

Rehearsals will take place at Valley Creek Park in Malvern.

Rehearsal Schedule: Our rehearsals will begin September 10th and run on Saturdays until the performance. There may be an occasional Sunday. Times will be determined by the sign up forms. 

Performance Dates:

Our ​show dates will be October 22nd.


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