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Dreamsavers: The Musical



The Show:

Art​s and Athletics Club is excited to bring Dreamsavers back to the stage, this time with a special rebooted version. Ever want to travel into dreams? The Dreamsavers have learned how to do that! When a person dies in a dream, they die in real life and the Dreamsavers work to save that. But when an aspiring politician figures out how to also travel into dreams, she decides that she is going to try to manipulate voters so she can win the election. But doing so causes some very dangerous situations that will need to be resolved by the Dreamsavers! 



Our Teen Musical Program

Our teen musicals are all about getting everyone involved who has an interest performing and creativity.

We just concluded our In My Head (Mental Health Musical) program. Learn more here:

Our teen musical program is offered to students in 6th-12th grade. Our goal is to give participants the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

- Everyone who auditions gets a part! We do not cut any participants. 

- There is no registration fee to be in the program. Arts and Athletics Club is funded by ticket sales, donations, and fundraisers.

- Participants have the opportunity to submit conflicts. Not everyone is called to every rehearsal. 

- Arts and Athletics Club focuses on performing as a way to express creativity. All cast members will be given opportunities to give ideas for their characters, costumes, and sets. 

- Arts and Athletics Club is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that focuses on original theater. We have been bringing the arts into the community since 2007. 


All performers are asked to prepare an audition. For the audition, performers are asked to prepare 30 seconds of song. There will be no accompaniment at the audition, but performers may bring instrumental music. Performers will also be asked to read lines at the audition. Stage crew participants do not need to audition. 

Rehearsal Location:

Rehearsals will take place in Downingtown PA. 


We are currently working on getting our own space up and ready!

Until then, we will utilize Central Presbyterian Church in Downingtown. 

Our costume and tech rehearsals will be at our performance location. Our performance will be at the auditorium for one of the WCASD middle schools. 

Rehearsal Schedule: Our rehearsals will begin with auditions the week of September 12th. Rehearsals will occur until the performance. We will utilize Tuesday and Thursday nights for rehearsals. During the beginning of production, each participant will only be called to specific rehearsals.  

You can view the schedule here

Schedule Conflicts:

If you are looking at the schedule and have a lot of conflicts but still want to be in the performance. Talk with us! We are excited to work with you to make it work. Not everyone will be called to every rehearsal, so we can make the schedule. Email us at and we can make things work!

Performance Dates:

Our ​show dates will be November 17th and November 18th

Stage Crew

We would love to have anyone interested in working behind the scenes or artistically be a part of our stage crew. Stage crew members can come to rehearsals that fit their schedule and help bring the show to life. To be a part of the stage crew, fill out the form below. 


Shoot us an email at:

Or give us a call at: 484-947-9586

Characters/Cast List:

Aaron (Lead)  - The original Dreamsaver who created the whole organization. Ethan vows to save the world and put together the best team he can find to do so!

Ethan - A Dreamsaver who is not always seen as reliable due to his commitment to his professional video game and skating career. 

Tara - A Dreamsaver who has a difficult time managing the roller coaster of emotions of being a Dreamsaver  

Noah - A young kid who is obsessed with the Dreamsavers. 

Vivian - A political figure who has learned to travel into dreams. Her goal is to manipulate dreams so voters will choose her. 

Julia - A protestor of Vivian's political ambitions, Julia often finds herself in trouble during dreams. When Ethan has to constantly save Julia, he begins to fall for her.

Camille - Works at the local diner. Catches the eye of many of the patrons.

Nick -  A businessman that visits the diner often. 

Sample Songs:


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