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Summer Programs

Summer means FUN at Arts and Athletics Club. Join us for summer programming including workshops, games, and more. All programming focused on creativity for youth! Register today! 

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About this Program

The Lottery is a Brand New Game organized by Arts and Athletics Club. This program will be filmed and edited as a competition show and added to Arts and Athletics Club Online Content Portfolio.

How it works: Each day, everyone will come to participate in that day's activities. The day will be filled with different games. Games will be physical, mental, social, or luck based. Participants will navigate each day's activities trying to stay in the game. At the end of each day, one player will get eliminated from the game. Once a player is eliminated, they take a new role and try to disrupt the game. The purpose of the game is to make it to the end with strong game friendships as everyone eliminated will determine the winner. The game is based off popular television shows like: Survivor, Karma, and The Challenge. 

This program focuses on fun activities! Participants will get to film confessionals about the game, take part in the different activities, and make friends! The entry fee is FREE and the winner will receive a virtual gift card from a vendor of their choice from our list of vendors. Once the program is done, everything will be edited as a reality show and participants will be able to watch everything unfold. 

So try something new and join the Inaugural Season of the Lottery! It will take some skills, some fun, and some luck to win, but rise to the occasion and get it done!

For more information and questions, please email us at

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Chris Hutelmyer

Summer Program Leader


I am so excited to bring creativity to life in Summer Programs. Summer means fun!

Summer Program Leader - Our summer program leader is Chris Hutelmyer. Chris has worked in summer programs his whole life. He has worked at the Brandywine YMCA, running and developing the Kids Club Program. The kids club program grew by over 250% due to participant’s fun during the program. In 2016, Chris went over to West Chester University to build University Student Housing’s first ever Day Camp Program. This camp was a great success with kids and parents sending positive feedback and loving the camps. Chris then worked on booking overnight campers for University Student Housing. Chris is excited to bring Summer Programs to life at Arts and Athletics Club.

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