Arts and Athletics Club performs multiple original plays and musicals throughout the year for Adult Actors, Middle School Actors, and High School Actors. Our productions are free to be a part of, we just ask that you help raise funds through getting people to come watch the show (our tickets are only $5) and by getting business card for our programs. Our 2021 Musical Line Up is Below.

If you are looking for our Downingtown, West Chester, or Great Valley programs, please click here.

If you are looking for our Coatesville programs, please click here

Adapting During COVID-19: It is important to adapt our procedures to align with what is best for the safety of our community while still providing theater and other creative opportunities for our people. 

Our vision for 2021 is to focus on Outdoor Theater. This means our rehearsals will be held at local parks and our performances will take place at local residential areas. Our intent is to limit indoor exposure to both our cast/crew and our audience members. In case of inclement weather, rehearsals may be moved to an online format. Our goal is to have live outdoor performances in late Spring/Early Summer. If this does not become feasible, we will stream our live performances. We know that there is nothing quite like performing in front of a live audience for an actor, therefore if our performances are streamed, we will do the performance live in addition to the streamed performance at a later date. 

Please click here for our full Covid-Plan

For our Summer and Fall performances, we will consider indoor performances based on the status of COVID-19 at the time and will make calls based on that.


To sign up for a production, please see our upcoming productions below and fill out the Form at the bottom of the page or click on the form HEREFor questions, please email us

To View Schedules, please see the links below:

Spring - Gloria's Transformation (Performed in Coatesville) 

Summer - Protectorz (Performed in Downingtown)

Fall - Dreamsavers (Teen Musical, Performed in Great Valley)

Spring - Special Musical

Gloria's Transformation

A Doctor struggles through some stresses in her life and just wants to run away. What she finds is something she never could believe, a group of ghosts who need help passing on to the afterlife.

Rehearsals will begin in April. Performance will take place early June.

Summer - Annual Musical


A war has broken out between different groups of creatures in the land of Protectorz. A team of 5 new warriors must do what they can to protect their orz and stay afloat.

Rehearsals will begin in June. Performance will take place early August.

Fall - Teen Musical


Dreamsavers travel into people's dreams to save them from dying. When a recurring character shows up in dreams, the Dreamsavers wonder if this isn't just a coincidence.

Rehearsals will begin in late August. Performance will take place in October