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For Youth/Teens 

Our Youth Theater Program allows all Youth the opportunity to perform. 

All youth and teens are invited to participate, regardless of experience or financial situation. Participation in the programs are free. Ticket prices to the shows range from $5-$10.

Our Youth and Teen programs run in the Spring and in the Fall

In Malvern, we have a nonmusical option.

In Downingtown we have a musical option.

Participants can choose either path or both.


This Fall: Superhero Theater

Malvern NonMusical - Going Places

Malvern's first ever play that is made up of different comedy skits all with the central theme of going places. Actors will get to play different characters in different scenarios in a fun production!

To learn more click here: To Sign up click here.

DTown/Cville Musical - Dreamsavers (Teens):

If you die in a dream, you die in real life. Ever want to travel into dreams? A team of sleep travelling heroes must save people from dying in their dreams. Little do they know, that someone sinister is also travelling into dreams and messing things up. Will the Dreamsavers be able to stop them?

To learn more click here: To Sign up click here.

Act with Us Youth

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