Photography Month


Inspired by Inktober, Arts and Athletics Club is excited to bring the community PHOTO MONTH all Month of January! Here is how it works.


1) Every day there will be a new prompt.

2) Take a picture of ANYTHING you want that is inspired by the prompt.

3) Post your prompt to your social media page with the hashtag #tohoshiartmonth

4) If your account is on private, follow Arts and Athletics Club on instagram so we can follow you back and see your posts. 

5) If you do not want to post on social media or do not have social media, email your sketch to and we will post on our page! If you post on your story, we may screenshot and post on our page  

6) Arts and Athletics Club will put together a book with everyone's work at the completion of the month available for purchase.


Our goal is to inspire the community to be creative and encourage everyone to share their work. Presenting the community's art showcases the talent of our friends and neighbors.

A collaborative community is a beautiful community! 

Participate on January 3rd, COATESVILLE DAY for a chance to win an online gift card to a retailer of your choice.


Jan 1: New Year

Jan 2: Blue

Jan 3: Coatesville*

Jan 4: Happy

Jan 5: Bird

Jan 6: Fitness

Jan 7: Something Small

Jan 8: Something Delicious

Jan 9: In My Bedroom

Jan 10: Self-Portrait 

Jan 11: T is For

Jan 12: Guilty Pleasure

Jan 13: Plants

Jan 14: Music

Jan 15: Green

Jan 16: In My Kitchen

Jan 17: Weather

Jan 18: Dream

Jan: 19: Experimental Art

Jan 20: Presidential

Jan 21: Something Big

Jan 22: Animal 

Jan 23: U is For

Jan 24: Indoors

Jan 25: Pet

Jan 26: Something You Love

Jan 27: Something You Fear

Jan 28: Opposites

Jan 29: Red

Jan 30: S is For

Jan 31: Friendship

*Everyone who participates in this day will be entered to win a gift card for to an online retailer of their choice.