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Arts and Athletics Club After School Programming


Arts and Athletics Club is proud to offer after school programming students throughout Chester County. Arts and Athletics Club is a non-profit organization in Chester County that promotes both the arts and athletics. It's purpose is to get people of all ages involved with both topics by hosting fun events for everyone. Arts and Athletics Club also believes in using these areas to make a positive difference, as well as, to strengthen the community.  The purpose of these after school programs are to offer unique opportunities to students by providing quality programs that increase skills in the arts and athletics fields. All programs focus on creative thinking 


Location After school at Fugett Middle School

Cost $45 (save $5 by signing up for our email list)


Invent a Pilot TV Show - Intro to Film


Students will create their own pilot tv show. Students will come up with an idea for their show, write a pilot, learn about using a camera (including lighting and sound), film the pilot, and learn about the post production editing. 


At the end of this course, students will have learned about writing fiction, operating a camera, lighting and sound tricks, acting, filming, and editing video. 


5 Sessions

  1. Idea Building - Plot/Characters for Pilot, Intro to Camera - How the Camera works

  2. Script writing, lighting and sound lesson

  3. Filming 1, angle lessons

  4. Filming 2/Post Production 1, Intro to Premiere 

  5. Post Production 2, Premiere Plus


West Chester Dates 


(After school until 4PM)


November 11th

November 18th

December 2nd

December 9th

December 16th


Invent a Sport Workshop


Students will learn about the history of today’s popular sports and work together to create a brand new sport. Students will think outside the box to bring to life something new that is both enjoyable and fitness oriented. Students will decide rules, equipment, modifications, scoring system, and more.


5 Sessions

  1. Intro, history of sports, idea gathering, importance of teamwork and communication

  2. Putting together different options and strategies, deciding on rules and equipment

  3. Testing 

  4. Modifications work through what went wrong and what can be improved

  5. Final Testing


West Chester Dates 


(After school until 4PM)


November 10th

November 17th

December 1st

December 8th

December 15th

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